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Organizer of the 2017 Carnival in Rethymno, Municipal Cultural Office (ΚΕDIR) [email protected] Arkadiou 50 Phone: +30 28310 40150
Town Hall L. Kountouriotou 84 Phone: +30 28313 41301-5
Traffic Police (Trochaia) Platia Iroon Politechniou Phone: +30 28310 28891
Fire Brigade L Portaliou Phone: 166
First Aid (Hospital) Trantallidou  Phone: +30 28310 27814-19
Tourist Organization Venizelou (Beach road) Phone: +30 28310 29148
Radio Taxi Pl. Agnostou Stratioti Phone: +30 28310 25000/26000
European emergency call   T. 112

Mayor's greetings for the Carnival in Rethymnon 2018

LFor over a century, the Carnival in Rethymnon, with all its transformations and mutations in the passing of time, has originally been addressed to the bright side Man. With creative energy and volunteer work it has moved the Carnival for such a long time. And because the good has many expressions and outings, it suffices to receive the appropriate stimuli to create what we experience in Rethymnon every year, life outbursts with our fellow human beings who believed in the power of the positive dimension of ourselves.

This year, the call is even clearer and more imperative. The Carnival in Rethymnon embodies the occasion, the potential, the prospect, the will to become our best self. This call is spreading everywhere: to all those who feel that they are vital members of an indivisible whole, composed of soul and matter, the people and the monuments of the city, its modern face and its cultural past, and to all those who wish to experience this unprecedented experience of participation, to a healthy and bright expression of life.

The preservation of our cultural heritage is being promoted by the Carnival in Rethymnon, as incentive to be compatible with the actions of the European Union which has designated 2018 as "European Year of Cultural Heritage".

The streets of our heart and city are open and hospitable. We invite you to walk with them by your best to share a spontaneous, pandemic Culture celebration with you.

Giorgis Ch. Marinakis
Mayor of Rethymno

Saturday, January 20th > Prologue in Chania
The exclamator of the Carnival in Rethymnon in the center of Chania
12:00 Departure from the Tesseris Martyres square, Rethymnon.
Sunday, January 21st >Prologue in Heraklion
The exclamator of the Carnival of Rethymnon in the center of Heraklion
12:00 Departure from Tesseris Martyres square, Rethymnon.
Saturday, January 27th

Opening Ceremony of the Carnival in Rethymnon 2018
> 18:00: Megali Porta: Carnival stroll through the streets of Old Town, accompanied by the King Carnival. The procession ends at the Platia Agnostou Stratioti!
> 19:00: Address and Speech of King Carnival
> 19:30: Declaring official opening of Carnival 2018 by the Mayor of Rethymno and presentation of the subject and the 2018 poster. The presentation of the Carnival costumes of the teams who will take part in Carnival in Rethymnon 2017.
> 20:30: Live concert and many-many other surprises!

Sunday, January 28th

> 3rd Youth Treasure Hunt 2018, motto "The Indication".

Monday, January 29th

> Carnival party of the Carnival team at Lux All Day Cafe

Friday, February 2nd > Dancing event of the 29th Treasure Hunt 2018 teams at Kentro Megaro
February 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday, February 4th > 29th Treasure Hunt at the Carnival in Rethymnon 2018.
The Ekatsikoutsikatsika team found the treasure first and will organize the 2019 treasure hunt. CONGRATULATIONS!
Tuesday, Februay 6th > Ancient Greek Serenades fill every corner of the city of Rethymno.
> The Municipal Choir of Rethymno, the European Choir Department of Music School and Music of our city, along with Carnival Groups revived the custom of Serenades in the streets of the Old Town. Start at the Platia Agnostou Stratioti and ending at the Well (Megali Porta).
Wednesday, Februay 7th > Carnival party of the OURANOKATEVATOI team at STORE 311 Cafe bar
> 17:00 Carnival children's dance, Organized by PERIIGITES Club, in the PERIIGITES hall (St. Franciskos 4 next to Mikrasiatikon Square)

Thursday, Februay 8th

> SHROVE THURSDAY EVENTS:  Dancing and maskerades all over the town at the open air parties of the carnival teams with many activities and surprises.
> ANAMOMYALOI - at Parren Siganou Street 3
> EMEIS & EMEIS - 20:00 at Rimondi Fountain with motto: “Tonight's the night”
> ASHETOI CLUB - near Palaiologou Street
> ARKALOI - at Tesseris Martyres Square at Cafe Centro
> POTAGONISTES & TSAPATSOULIDES - at Platia Ierolochikon
> DAKTYLIDEIKTOUMENOI - at the entrance to Platia Mikrasiatikon at the Odion
> TA PARTALIA- 19:30 at Gerakari Street 156 at the traditional Cafe "To Tsaki"
Friday, Februay 9th

> Dance Party of the Carnival teams
> Motto: "Eurovision". Dancing, food, drink, entertainment and presentation of theater - satirical sketches performed by Carnival teams.
> 20:00 Kentro Pelagos - dance event
> Carnival party of the GAZANOVES team at Metropolis Society Bar

Saturday, Februay 10th

> Carnival party «In Cowboys' Rhythm" in Sises» of the ALANDANARIDES team
> Carnival Disco party of the ALLANTALON team at BONOBO Bar
> Carnival party «Merlyn & Elivs» of the TA PARTALIA team at Metropolis Society Bar

Saturday, Februay 10th and Sunday, Februay 11th

> 21st Children's Treasure hunt 2018 with motto "Code Marmita"
> Carnival party «Merlyn & Elivs» of the TA PARTALIA team at Metropolis Society Bar

Sunday, Februay 11th - Thursday February 15th > City Festival at Platia Mikrasiaton
> Every day amateur groups and ensembles of the city and the student community, show their work. The Carnival contributor to the artistic expression of youth!
Sunday, Februay 11th > 21:00: Carnival Party of the Carnival group POTHEN AISCHOS in LIVING ROOM café-bar.
Monday, Februay 12th

> Carnival party of the Carnival team BOUBOUNES at Lux All Day Cafe
> 22:00: Carnival Party of the Carnival groups (ANTI)KAPNISTES and CARNIVALOI at Fraules Cafe Bar.

Tuesday, Februay 13th

> Carnival party of the Carnival team OI YPOLOIPOI at ICE Club
> 22:00: Carnival party of the Carnival team (ANTI)KAPNISTES at Fraoules Cafe-Bar
> Horror Party of the Carnival team GIAREMIDES at Lux All Day Cafe

Wednesday, Februay 14th > Carnival Latin party of the Carnival team ANEMOMYALOI at Metropolis
> Carnival party of the Carnival team OI ASHETOI at Lux All Day Cafe
> Carnival party of the Carnival team "Love and Flowers" ARKALOI at Cul de Sac Cafe
Thursday, Februay 15th > Cycling in the city for young and old people
> 19:00 Square of the Unknown Soldier. Bicycle friends masquerading themselves and their bikes make the craziest, colorful and entertaining bicycle of the year by filling the streets of the Old City with joy and imagination, bikes and mascots.
> Carnival of the Carnival team ARGOSHOLOI CLUB at Metropolis Society Bar.
> Carnival Party of the DAKTYLODIKTOUMENOI team at Lux All Day Cafe.
> Carnival Party of the GKOUSGKOUNIDES team at the FRAULES café-bar.
> Carnival of the Carnival team RAKODIKASMENOI and OI ALLOI at Cul de Sac Cafe
> Carnival Party of the POTAGONISTES team at CLUB FORTEZZA.
Friday, Februay 16th

> Carnival Party "ICE TEA" of EMIS & EMIS team at ICE club.

Saturday, Februay 17th > 16:30 Children's parade. Start by Theotokopoulou crossing.
> 17:00 Start of a children's parade with the supervision of the big ones, following children's party with many surprises
> 18:30 Ending and children's party in the courtyard of the 3rd High School. Party PERIGIITIKI LESCHI Hall (St. Franciskos street) by the end of the parade - organization PERIIGITIKES CLUB
> 21:00 NIGHT PARADE of the Carnival teams: Start nocturnal parade by Theotokopoulou crossing.
> 22:30 Ending and live concert in Asia Minor Square.
> 17:00 Carnival Party of the Carnival team PERIIGITIKES CLUB at the PERIIGITIKI LESCHI hall (St. Franziskos-Street)
Sunday, Februay 18th

> Grand Parade of carnival floats and teams.
> Order of teams at the parade: Please click here!
> At 14:00 the starting point will be from Site Theotokopoulou for Grand Parade teams and floats, which extends up to 44th Syntagmatos Street.
> 18:30 Closing Ceremony in El. Venizelou Street - Burning of King Carnival / Spectacular show with fireworks / Live Concert with APURIMAC.
> Platia Mikrasiaton Street party by the OLOI VITSIOZOI team (after the ending of the Grand Parade)
> Carnival Party of the Carnival team PERIIGITIKES CLUB at the PERIIGITIKI LESCHI hall (St. Franziskos-Street)

Monday, Februay 19th (ASH MONDAY) > Clean Monday celebrations: Traditional events such as kite flying in the picturesque villages of Rethymnon
>12.30 MUNICIPALITY OF RETHYMNO PERIVOLIA Koulouma Traditional bean soup in parking Perivolion (Gorgopotamos & Kalogeraki). Organization: Municipality Rethymnon - K.E.DI.R. & Cultural Association Perivolion - Myssiria "Emmanuel Pachlas".
> 11:00 ARMENI Revival custom Smudge traditional koulouma.
> 12:00 FOTINOU Traditional koulouma, bean soup and kite flying. Organized by Cultural Association Light.
> 12:00 MELIDONI - Municipality MYLOPOTAMOU Avgomazoma and 14:00 kidnapping of the bride, do.
> 12:30 MERONAS - Municipality AMARIOU Traditional events, games, music, with the participation of all. "Dress and decorate bridal avast the vourgiali, watch lerades and beasts and mouzoudias mess."
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