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Rethymnon.com: KANAKIS extra virgin olive oil from Maza/Apokoronas, Crete, Greece, unmatched in taste fragrant and quality, natural organic growth, cold pressing
Extra virgin olive oil
from the village of Maza, Apokoronas, Hania, Crete, Greece

Modern methods for traditional results
Over 10 years ago our family started running an olive oil mill in Maza/Apokoronas in the area of the prefecture of Hania. The olive oil from this area is characterized by its mellow taste and fruity flavor. In Greek we call it "Sweet olive oil".
We process the olive fruit of the famous Koronaika kind with machinery of newest technology, which by reasonable use of cooling devices during the process of pressing guarantee the traditional results of cold pressing. At the same time we manage to avoid the disadvantages like high prices caused by uneconomical traditional pressing methods. The olives and the olive oil are kept at a steady temperature of under 30 degrees Celsius during the whole pressing process. Thus vitamins and other temperature sensitive ingredients are preserved.
Our company works absolutely environment-friendly. We a giving with our company as general distributor of the German company Aquatec, which is constructing special sewage disposal plants for olive oil factories, an example to our clients and competitors.

Our opinion - which has been proven by scientists now - has always been, that olive oil is the natural juice of the most blessed of Greek produces and the essential element for a well-balanced and healthy diet, such as the Cretan diet.

The enterprise of an olive mill makes it possible to us to select the olive oil, which will bear the name KANAKIS, directly at the source. It makes the task of quality control and standardizing of our produce easier: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The oil, which we standardise, is selected from the finest olive groves of Apokoronas. All production and bottling processes are kept to international standards; they are thoroughly controlled and have proved to guarantee best quality. Due to these processes very low acidity is achieved (between 0-1), and the natural aromatic characteristics of our produce are preserved, which makes it one of the best and most aromatic olive oils of our country. 


We trade exclusively Extra Virgin OIlve Oil and no other qualities with success on the Greek market. Since at the same time there is an
increasing demand for our produce, we would like to promote it also to the international market. We are aiming at exporting to the USA, Germany, England, France, Italy, Cyprus and other countries. We already have a representation in Germany.
 Dealers' inquiries are very welcome.

Our Produces

Packing / Bottling
Pieces per cardboard box
  • Extra virgin 0,1 - 1
  • Extra virgin 0,1 - 1
  • Extra virgin 0,1 - 1
  • Extra virgin 0,1 - 1
  • Extra virgin 0,1 - 1
  • Extra virgin 0,1 - 1
  • Glass bottle 0,250 lit.
  • Glass bottle 0,500 lit.
  • Glass bottle 1 lit.
  • Tin can 5 lit.
  • Tin can 0,500 lit.
  • Tin can 1 lit.
  • 12 / 0,250 lit. 
  • 12 / 0500 lit. 
  • 12 / 1 lit.
  • 4 / 5 lit.
  • 12 / 0,500 lit.
  • 12 / 1 lit.
  • We are offering special decorative glas bottled olive oil in amounts of 0.250, 0.500 and 0.750 lit. at slightly higher prices.
  • Packing is 12 bottles per cardboard box 
image: bottles with KANAKIS olive oil
 Extra virgin olive oil from the village of Maza / Apokoronas near Chania on the lovely island of Crete, Greece, the cradle of olive oil.

For the fertilisation of the olive trees we use animal and vegetable manure. The olives are collected by hand and transported in fabric sacks to selected mills, where they are pressed at low temperature, so that the nutritious elements, the colour and the flavour are preserved. The oil distinguishes through its unequalled quality and its rare flavour; due to these characteristics our olive oil is widely known for its high quality

We are dealers and exporters, not only growers. So we do have the freedom of choosing the best qualities, which deserve the name KANAKIS, without being tied to our own olive groves, the risk of growing and the moods of nature. We control and give advice to growers and mills. In two words: we select!


General Information

Crete, the most southern part of Europe is not just a holiday paradise. It is the cradle of pure Greek olive oil (Today we call it extra virgin olive oil). The climate is mild even if hot in summer. But because of it's island situation, the weather changes fast from good to better, and there is always this refreshing wind blowing. Crete is a place to live like no other.

The beautiful island of Crete, Greece
image map of Crete
The area of Rethymnon
image map of the area of Maza/Apokoronas
People here live on a healthy diet for centuries. Central ingredients of all food here are lemon and olive oil. There is no olive oil in the world, which can catch up with the taste and fragrant of Cretan extra virgin olive oil.
Due to its chemical structure Cretan extra virgin olive oil is perfectly suited for human consumption. It is mainly composed of triglicerides that represent the largest group of food fats, and because of its composition is very equilibrated in unsaturated acid fats, it plays a big role in healthy nourishment:
Its protective function has a beneficial on gastritis and ulcers. It activates the secretion of pancreatic hormones and lowers the building of gallstone formation. Its digestibility is excellent and it has a catalytic effect on vitamins.
Its role in the prevention of cardiac diseases is known for millenniums. Today we nearly know the exact reasons of its benefits, mostly its ability to control cholesterol levels through its large amount of monounsaturated fatty acids and the balanced amount of polyunsaturated acids together with antioxidant substances like vitamins E and K.
Cretan cuisine
In the Cretan kitchen olive oil plays a dominating role. There is practically no dish, which is not served with olive oil and lemon juice.
Even today in daily life Cretans prefer a vegetarian diet with beans and other pulses, greens, vegetables and grains, cheese, pasta and potatoes.
Meat dishes are reserved for special events, when they host guests or go out for dinner together with friends and family.
Salads are drowned in olive oil, so are fresh feta cheese and vegetables. Dipping bread into the juicy mixture of oil and tomato juice at the bottom of the salad bowl is a delicacy no one should miss when visiting Crete.
Extra virgin olive oil
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