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Amalthia olive oil cosmetics

Natural olive oil & wild onion soap from Rethymnon, Crete, Greece against hair loss
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AMALTHIA cosmetics: your natural care for hair, body, face and eyes

AMALTHIA cosmetics are real "jewels" for your make up and beauty. With nature as ally and natural substances, cosmetics of unequalled beauty and excellent quality are created. The perfect combination of olive oil and plenty of plant extracts guarantees your natural body-, face- and hair care. AMALTHIA's pure nutritious ingredients are so essential that it could be called skin nourishment making AMALTHIA cosmetics suitable for persons with very sensitive skin or even allergies. With the help of intensive research the AMALTHIA family continues to grow, producing high quality products. Try AMALTHIA cosmetics today and start a new lifetime relationship, because ...AMALTHIA products are forever!
Amalthia pure olive oil cosmetics
AMALTHIA soap made of pure olive oil and wild Cretan onions helps against hair loss!

AMALTHIA olive oil soap aginst hair loss is a a traditional product, born and developed in the Cretan mountains, made after old recipes, that are continuous used until nowadays with the same old methods and pure ingredients. Its essential ingredients are olive oil and wild onion, herb that grows in the Cretan mountains and is known from the ancient times for its healing properties.

The most important thing is, that it does not consist of perfume, colorants, potassium or any other chemical compound, making the soap friendly towards skin by protecting and cleaning it. The collection of that special herb together with our little production secret makes the AMALTHIA soap rare and precious, avoiding any kind of industrialized procedures.
The use of AMALTHIA soap apply to various everyday activities, transforming it to an "all in one product': We can use it as often as we wish and it is suitable for men, women, and children as well as for newborns.

Since AMALTHIA olive oil soap has no side effects, it can be used without medical prescription with all types of skin.

imageIt is excellent against hair loss. With everyday use the hair strengthens and gradually new hairs begin to sprout.

It helps against acne, greasiness, pimples and spots. It does not irritate face or body. It replaces shaving foam offering tightening to the men's face. It is proper even for bedsore.

AMALTHIA Olive Oil Soap has been approved by different Chemist (Pharmacy) Supplying Associations of Greece and and earned its Registered Trademark approval no.158005. As well as hair re-growth, this soap aids in dandruff control, skin conditioning and skin abrasions. So in other words it is a general healer of the skin.
Use: Wash your hair everyday (or even twice a day) using the soap directly on your hair. Leave the foam for a minute on your head and do a soft massage at the same time. Do not use AMALTHIA soap simultaneously with shampoo or other products.

AMALTHIA hand and body cream
  • Haggard, dry and excessive dry hands recover immediately after a single cream application.
  • It helps to avoid cellulite and is fat burning: With an appropriate use of massage the cream brings the body back to its former state and reduces orange skin.
  • The cream helps with nail treatment (pedicure - manicure) and softens the cuticle.
  • Finally local irritations from shaving, depilation, slight burnings and other external irritations find an immediate cure.

AMALTHlA hand and body cream consists of a great amount of pure nutritious ingredients (olive oil, vitamins A. E, F, H. silk olive, calendula. allantoine etc.).

That is why it is easily adopted and immediately absorbed by the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and all ages. It is also suitable for body and hands. From the first cream applications the results are incredible and the feeling is unique.

Its main purpose is to offer health and flexibility to your skin. But it is also suitable for the following uses: Suitable for the regenerating of the skin in cases of diet or pregnancy. It restores the flexibility of the body without permitting emergence of stretch marks (lat. Striae gravidarum).

The cream is indispensably necessary for the treatment of callus at heels or elbows.

AMALTHIA Protective Suncreme

AMALTHIA protective suncream
with Olive Oil and Carrot Oil
SPF 30 High Sunlight Protection UVA/UVB
AMALTHIA protective suncreme is an ideal protection for skin exposed to intense sunlight.
It combines a highly effective UVA/UVB filter system to immediately protect the health of your skin.
Amalthia sun care face cream protects against sunburn, premature skin ageing and helps to reduce the risk of sun allergies.It is enriched with organic olive oil, organic aloe and carrot oil for a beautiful tan.

CPNP Reference: 1578925

For a healthy, refreshing and beautiful skin allow yourself a natural caress, the AMALTHIA moisturizers.

AMALTHIA Anti aging creme

24-hour action AMALTHIA facial care offers, thanks to the intelligent use of natural virgin olive oil and other ingredients, an anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing action. It keeps the skin of the face healthy and strengthens it. Hereby it helps reducing wrinkles and offers youth and brightness to your face.

AMALTHIA moisturizer cream

The AMALTHlA cream has a special 2nd generation hydrating factor which offers a 24 hour hydration. Made of olive oil, cucumber, red grape, orange, chamomile, pomegranate, aloe extract and a vitamin combination, wheat protein, panthenol and calendula oil, it offers a natural refreshing for your skin. The cream is cortisone and allergen free and the aim of its composition is to keep the skin of the feminineface fully and deeply hydrated.
AMALTHIA eye care cream

AMALTHIA eye care makes dark circles under the eyes disappear. It makes the skin around your eyes shiny and smooth like velvet. With its perfect composition based on biological grown olive oil and hamamelis extract, it nourishes your skin perfectly. The absence of allergic substances and perfumes makes it a perfect choice for such a sensitive area, like the one around your eyes.
AMALTHIA face creme for men

AMALTHIA max face care for men based on biological olive oil and aloe, vitamins A, E, F, H, olive silk oil, almond oil and calendula is particularly made for men's skin and offers cell refreshment and velvet smoothness. Perfect for after shave use, it lets every single irritation of your skin disappear immediately.


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