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The best affordable way to travel Western Crete!
KTEL public bus service Crete Greece
...and to the villages of Southern Crete

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Quick Road Map Rethymnon

Supra regional lines to the villages of South West Crete
with departure from Rethymnon and regional lines to the villages around Rethymnon

How to use the Quick Roadmap
Please click on the red dot of your destination and a window with the corresponding timetable will open.
If the dot of your destination shows no link activity, the destination is not served at the time, or the place represented by the dot is served, but just a station on the way to another destination
(Please click there.)

Timetables Rethymnon - Agia Galini Rethymnon - Plakias Rethymnon - Arkadi Rethymnon - Anogia Rethymnon - Amari Rethymnon - Metochia Rethymnon - Gerani Rethymnon - Koumi Rethymnon - Chromonastiri Rethymnon - Maroula Rethymnon - Messi Rethymnon - Kyriana Rethymnon - Loutra Rethymnon - Pangalochori Rethymnon - Valsamonero Rethymnon - Kastellakia Rethymnon - Panormo Rethymnon - University of Crete Rethymnon - Zoniana Rethymnon - Roustika Rethymnon - Roustika - Moundros Rethymnon - Argiroupolis Rethymnon - Miriokefala Rethymnon - Perama Rethymnon - Rodakino Rethymnon - Lochria Rethymnon - Platanes Rethymnon - Malaki Rethymnon - Patsos Rethymnon - Ano Meros Agia Galini - Heraklion Rethymnon - Myrthios Rethymnon - Kali Sikia Rethymnon - Charkia Rethymnon - Fotinos Rethymnon - Stavromenos Rethymnon - Margarites-S Rethymnon - Kerame-S Rethymnon - Apodoulou

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