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...and to the villages of Southern Crete

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Quick Roadmap Hania

Supraregional lines to the villages of South West Crete with departure from Hania

How to use the Quick Roadmap
Please click on the red or yellow dot of your destination and a window with the corresponding timetable will open. If the dot of your destination shows no link activity, the destination is not served at the time, or the place represented by the dot is served, but just a station on the way to another destination
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Supraregional lines  Hania - Rethymnon - Heraklion Timetable HaniaStavros Timetable HaniaKastelli Hania - Sfakia Hania - Paleochora Hania - Meskla Hania - Kolimvari Hania - Theriso Hania - Sougia Hania - Agia Triada - Chordaki Hania - Ag Triada Hania - Falasarna Hania - Almirida Hania - Almirida Hania - Sternes Hania - Kalives Hania - Laki Hania - Rodopou Hania - Ravdoucha Hania - Deliana Hania - Zimvragou Hania - Skine Hania - Fournes Hania - Gavalochori Hania - Vamos Hania - Anopolis Hania - Skaloti Hania - Voukoloies Hania - Patelari Hania - Manoliopoulo Hania - Deres Hania - Kampi Hania - Psathogiannos Hania - Palia Roumata Kastelli - Platanos Kastelli - Sassalos Kastelli - Lousakies Hania - Drakonas Hania - Pontikiana Hania - Kournas Kastelli - Limni Hania - Karanou Hania Thimia/Keramia Hania - Airport Kastelli - Kambos Kastelli - Sirikari Hania - Stylos Hania - Platanos Hania - Botanic Park Hania - Ramni Hania - Aradena Hania - Fragkokastelo Paleochora - Kountoura Kastelli - Kalathenes Kastelli - Marathyros Hania - Marathi Hania - Nippos Hania - Kefalas

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