IMPORTANT INFORMATIONThese three sites are a must for every traveler to Crete.

Carnival in Rethymnon

The Carnival in Rethymnon
welcoming you in a breathtaking beautiful and colorful manner shows how we love to celebrate and perform. Year after year we celebrate our Carnival like no other town in Greece can do. Parties and masquerades all over the town for three weeks. Traditional and modern with music, theater, street parades and children's events.

Timetables of Crete

TheBus Timetables of Crete
giving you all necessary information about modern overland bus traffic on Crete by the different "KTEL" bus companies of the island of Crete in Heraklion, Chania and Agios Nikolaos, like timetables, road maps and more. This site offers an excellent information service by email for tourists travelling all over the island of Crete.

Holiday Homes in Rethymnon

Holiday Homes in Rethymnon
showing a collection of valuable holiday homes on Crete of a very high standard in building and hospitality with pool and sea view situated in the area of the prefecture of Rethymnon to the traveler. The site offers the possibility of booking the presented villas directly from the owners at good conditions and owner-prices.

Cretan Tradition, a way of life todayHow we live here in Rethymnon

Tradition in Rethymnon

In addition to a pleasant climate with sunshine throughout the year, a unique location and landscape with high mountains and blue sea next to each other, friendly and curious residents, Crete and especially the area around Rethymnon offers a vibrant tradition that that accompanies the traveler always and everywhere. Weddings with 1,000 or more guests, the hierarchical family structure with them wise women and dominant men, with children who take early responsibility in rural Crete, the good company of people in small and larger groups called Parea, life in summer outside of the house on the Platia, the village square, is living tradition.

Tradition in detail

Tradition in the sense of "Preserving the Good" is lived here easily. Be it the unprejudiced involvement of church and religion into daily life or the natural helpfulness, traditional hospitality in however all commercial accommodation or the absolute primacy of the family, tradition is always present. It is constantly innovating and always finds new expression under the changing conditions of everyday life. Be it respect or contempt, commonality or dispute, everything is somehow in seemingly regulated understandable tracks. The "somehow get along together" is more important than the law. Creativity is a must. Even politicians who have grossly failed get a second chance.

These traditions should be highly respected and further encouraged.

Rethymnon Wedding

Rethymnon Wedding   

Info about Rethymnon

Information about Rethymnon   

Info about Crete

Information about Crete   

Rethymnon Plateia

Rethymnon Plateia   

Rethymnon Kafenion

Rethymnon Kafenion   

Rethymnon Tourism

Rethymnon Tourism   


Great Carnival pictures. You people there really know how to party.Heinz Meier, Germany, re: Carnival
Nice overview, we found a cozy place to stay near Rethymno.Amber Scott
I spent 2 weeks here in Crete and I travelled a lot with your buses so I have to say that the service is really well done. Thank you so much! MartaMarta Lettieri, Italy, re: TheBus Bus Service Crete
Your customer service is excellent, in replying to all our emails . We are looking forward to travelling with you during our three weeks in Crete. Thankyou again Jill and Andy MilczJill and Andy Milcz, Sydney, Australia, re: TheBus Bus Service Crete

Creativity at its best

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SOME VIDEOS ABOUT RETHYMNONLook for yourself and enjoy.

About us

We are a group of marketing experts, web designers, hotel managers and travel agents who have one thing in common: We love Rethymnon because of her great historic past turned into stone in the many old traditional buildings and narrow streets from the Venetian period. We love her also because of her lively presence with a very special kind of tourism, which again and again shows Cretan hospitality. Finally, we firmly believe that despite all past and present crises Rethymnon has a bright future, precisely because of that special way in which its inhabitants approach their life and the work in tourism: Always with the view on their fellow men and obedient to the ancient laws of hospitality and respect.

Rethymnon is awesome

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